Fimer taps Australia for roll out of new three-phase inverter line

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Leading global inverter supplier Fimer has launched a new range of three-phase string inverter solutions on the Australian market, targeting commercial and industrial solar applications and offering a “host of additional performance features.”

The Italy-based company said last week that the product had been launched in January in just a handful of countries, Australia included, ahead of a global rollout planned for sometime in the first half of 2021.

Fimer, which in early 2020 bought up ABB’s solar inverter business, said the new PVS-10/33-TL range – available in outputs from 10kW to 33kW – was designed to cater to the increasing demand for flexibility in commercial and industrial sectors.

This included the integration of a zero-export system, Fimer said, which would deliver savings on balance of system costs and remove the need for expensive additional devices – an attractive feature in an environment where network specifications for solar system sizes and export limits can be unpredictable.

For installers, Fimer says the new PVS-10/33-TL platforms offer a range of benefits, including quick installation, easy handling and maintenance and fast commissioning via the company’s Installer for Solar Inverters app.

The inverters also feature current monitoring on each string, a fuse-free design that removes the need for maintenance and on-site interventions due to fuse faults, and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) prevention to secure PV module performance over time.

“It is an all-rounder through and through,” said Tommaso Landi, Fimer’s global product manager for commercial and industrial solutions.

“Our PVS-10/33-TL delivers on what really makes a difference to our customers, without compromises: flexibility of PV plant design, cost-convenient integration within communication and control architectures and openness to new technologies such as bifacial modules.”

The inverters also feature integrated wifi/ethernet for TCP/IP networking, which Fimer says allows for cost efficient networking and off-the-shelf replacements. And, for retrofit applications, the inverter range offers “unique DC side flexibility,” the company says.

“Last year was challenging for the sector, but the one thing we know for sure is that demand for solar power will continue to increase over the next 10 years,” said Fimer chairman Filippo Carzaniga.

“In response, our team of R&D and Product Management experts built on their extensive experience in inverter manufacturing to create our impressive new … platforms.”

As noted above, the PVS-10/12.5/15-TL and PVS-20/30/33-TL platforms have already been launched in Italy, France, Germany, Thailand, India and Australia, and will have a global rollout
planned for the first half of the year.

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