Duke and SEI announce $10,000 scholarship for solar training

Last week, Duke Energy Renewables and Solar Energy International (SEI) announced a partnership to provide a scholarship fund for Americans who have experienced recent job displacement due to COVID-19.

The scholarship fund will award $10,000 in solar training tuition fees for SEI training to selected students to support professional development and eventual entry into the solar energy workforce.

Focused on supporting communities economically affected by COVID-19, the company’s scholarships aim to empower soon-to-be solar energy experts with the necessary training to quickly join a growing and secure solar workforce. To date, there is more than 62.5 GW of solar capacity connected to the grid in the U.S. alone.

Those looking to apply for scholarship funding must be interested in moving toward a vocation in renewable energy in the U.S. and should demonstrate a financial need. Selected candidates will be awarded tuition funds to cover SEI’s online or in-person training.

“As commercial solar energy continues to grow across the country, trained solar technicians to manage solar facilities and technology are in high demand,” said Chris Fallon, vice president of Duke Energy Renewables.

“We sympathize with the challenges many out-of-work Americans are facing during these uncertain times and, at the same time, are excited to have an industry partner that is willing to invest in providing valuable training opportunities for those most impacted by COVID-19’s economic aftermath,” said Marla Korpar, development director at SEI.


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