Couple ordered to remove solar panels from heritage listed home in Melbourne

A Melbourne homeowner who has been ordered to remove solar panels from her heritage listed property feels like she is being punished for doing the right thing.[1]

Rosie Ganino and her partner Richard Barnes installed photovoltaic panels, which convert solar energy into electricity, on the rooftop of their Canterbury home last year.

However, they have now been told they have until the end of June to remove the panels, after the City of Boroondara Council declared the property was within a “heritage overlay”.

Melbourne homeowner Rose Ganino has been ordered to remove solar panels from the heritage listed property. (Nine)

The council sent the couple a letter, demanding the panels be taken down.

In a statement today, the council said it recognises the growing need for more sustainable energy options and supports the installations of solar panels.

“There are some locations where the installation must be balanced against other relevant provisions of the planning scheme,” the statement said.

Ganino however said it wasn’t good enough.

“I just really, really can’t understand it,” she said.

The couple is now at a loss, with the panels initially costing them $2500 and the price of taking them down is $500.

VCAT did not wish to comment.

The couple now have 20 days to remove the panels.


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