Trina charts path to 600W solar modules with launch of TrinaPro Mega

Global PV giant Trina Solar has made a renewed push into the large-scale PV market, with the launch of TrinaPro Mega, an ultra-high power module series with an output of more than 500W.

The new modules are a higher power take on the China-based company’s TrinoPro series, which was launched in 2018 as an integrated package of smart trackers, smart inverters and other features that promised to lower balance-of-system costs by up to 15% and increase power generation by up to 8%.

“Trina Solar is the only the company in the industry today that is integrating the module, tracker, and inverter with a level of the smart energy tracking algorithms to improve the entire system efficiency,” Trina’s Asia-Pacific director of sales and marketing Ku Jun Heong told RenewEconomy at last year’s All-Energy Australia[1].

Trina argues[2] that system integration – and so-called “single window delivery” – is becoming increasingly important as large-scale PV systems become more complex, in the eternal quest to achieve higher levels of power output and lower LCOE.

The TrinaPro Mega – as the name suggests – takes this concept and upsizes it, by upgrading the long-string trackers for 500W-plus power modules and integrating the company’s new 500+W Vertex modules with smart tracking algorithms and SCADA monitoring systems.

The modules also come with new mounting systems that Trina says are quicker to install and designed to suit difficult or uneven terrain.

“Based on the Vertex module, we launched TrinaPro Mega in a move to increase value for our clients via smart upgrades to more advanced system solutions,” said Trina Solar vice general manager and vice president Yin Rongfang at the launch on Wednesday night.

“By enhancing ultra-high power module performance and lowering the LCOE, TrinaPro Mega brings stable investment returns.

“As an industry pioneer, the Vertex module demonstrates Trina Solar’s strong ability at innovation and provides the industry with an entirely new technical platform,” Yin said.

“Moreover, Vertex facilitates the commercialisation of new technologies and paves the way for the next module power upgrade to 600W.”

The company says that it expects the biggest market for the TrinaPro Mega in Asia Pacific, outside of China, will be Australia.

“We are very positive about the Australian market, that’s the reason we are putting a lot more resources (into it),” Ku said back in October 2019, before Covid-19 had made itself known.

“Projects are picking up now. They will get approval by the end of this year and we expect to see the market pace picking up a lot more in Calendar Q1.”


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