TotalEnergies ENEOS signs a 1.8-MWp solar project with Imerys

Leading supplier of mineral-based specialty solutions, Imerys, signed a long-term corporate PPA with TotalEnergies ENEOS. A solar energy system consisting of 3,200 solar panels with a 1.8-MWp capacity will supply approximately 2,450 MWh of solar power to Imerys’s facility in Malaysia annually, satisfying about 10% of the electricity demand for the company.

Under the agreement, TotalEnergies ENEOS will fully fund, install and operate the solar energy system, while Imerys will pay only for the electricity generated for 25 years without any upfront investment. The system is expected to bring about significant cost savings for Imerys and help reduce carbon emissions by 1,600 tons per year.

TotalEnergies ENEOS Signs Solar Project With Imerys
Image: TotalEnergies

It is Imerys’ first solar project in the Asia Pacific region. “The achievement of our Ipoh factory solar project will be the starting point for us to enhance Imerys’ sustainable development goal. We’ll accelerate the energy transition of our specialty minerals factories in Asia pacific region and provide our customers with lower carbon footprint and more competitive products to achieve a win-win solution,” said Bruno Vandermarcq, Industrial VP of Imerys Performance Minerals Asia Pacific.

Sustainable purchasing has been positioned as an important part of Imerys’ sustainability strategy. Sourcing sustainable and renewable resources is an effective means for the company to reduce product carbon footprint, minimize business risks and create competitive advantages. 

There is a specific need for Imerys to use an alternative energy source to generate electricity, and the cleanest energy that we can harness is solar energy.

—said Eugene Wong, Purchasing Director of Imerys Performance Minerals Asia Pacific.

“We will continue to integrate sustainable purchasing programs and take a holistic approach in dealing with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the purchased products and services, in supporting Imerys to achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.”

TotalEnergies is an active player in the corporate solar market in Asia. Recently, it officially launched the 4.8-MWp solar PV system[1] for Indonesia’s Indo Kordsa, supplying about 6,800 MWh of solar for the company per year for 20 years.

This project for Imerys is run by TotalEnergies ENEOS, is a 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and, another renewable energy projects developer ENEOS.


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