CPP Genie offers community solar access to low to moderate income customers

Solar services company CPP Genie[1] announced that it will provide customer aggregation and management services for three community solar projects, which are located in upstate New York within the National Grid utility territory, and developed by AES Clean Energy.

Powered by NYSERDA’s NY-Sun program[2] combined with the Inclusive Community Solar Adder program[3], CCP Genie will offer low-to-moderate income (LMI) electricity customers the opportunity to subscribe to a local community solar project to enjoy the benefits of solar power generation without installing solar panels on their property.

Community Solar Project
Image: CPP Genie

As per the agreement with AES Clean Energy, CPP Genie will acquire and manage billing reconciliation for subscribers for the three community solar projects under New York’s consolidated billing program. In this manner, subscribers can receive credits on their electric bill for solar energy generation, reducing their overall electricity cost. 

These three community solar projects mirror CPP Genie’s rapid growth in the community solar field over the past several months. The projects reportedly have a considerable aggregate generating capacity of 19.5 megawatts. The generated solar energy not only benefits LMI customers but also brings along a significant environmental outcome of offsetting 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. 

The growth “is not only a testimate to the concept of community solar, but also the commitment of our customers, all large National Developers who are dedicated to bringing the benefits of community solar to traditionally underserved communities throughout the United States,” said Michael Mollin, Managing Director at CPP Genie.

Commenting on the partnership with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Mollin said:

NYSERDA is not only driving the development of clean solar generation in New York but also providing a framework for local clean energy project participation by the low to moderate income population in other states around the country.


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