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The new edition of our “Top 5 Microgrid News” features microgrids on islands, at office and university buildings as well as small communities. This edition covers projects in the United Emirates, USA, UK and Switzerland.

The featured news includes: the Nurai Island Resort, Enerwhere, Isle au Haut Electric Power Company, Kilowatt Labs, Electricity Works Walenstadt, Swansea University, Redflow, EDF and PowerFlex.


Nurai Island Resort integrates floating solar to reduce diesel costs

More hotels and resorts go green! In Abu Dhabi, the Nurai Island Resort goes green with a microgrid, provided by Enerwhere, that integrates floating solar.


Remote Isle au Haut in Maine (USA) is building a microgrid that integrates solar power and a supercapacitors

The Isle au Haut Electric Power Company compared several renewable energy alternatives and opted for 300kW of solar due to cost. Finally, the microgrid will come with a 1 MW supercapacitor storage housed in two, 20-foot containers. The US manufacturer Kilowatt Labs will provide this innovative storage solution.


Swiss community completes trial of solar blockchain microgrid

In the Swiss town Walenstadt, 37 households traded locally produced power on a blockchain-based system. In total, they covered 33% of their electricity demand with self-generated solar power. The local utility, Water and Electricity Works Walenstadt (WEW), bought surplus generation that bridged supply gaps with additional power if local generation couldn’t meet the demand.


Zinc-bromine flow battery used as a storage solution for a building microgrid

In the UK, a 120kWh Redflow zinc-bromine flow battery has been commissioned and is operating at Swansea University. The battery is storing and suppling renewable energy in a microgrid that powers the Swansea University Active Building demonstrator.


Microgrid provides cost reductions at EDF’s North America headquarters

In San Diego, California, the EDF’s microgrid comprises a 209kWp solar carport, 182kWp of rooftop solar, a 280KW battery storage system and 43 PowerFlex electric vehicle chargers. Ultimately, the system helps to reduce both energy and demand charges.


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