Taiwanese solar manufacturer Winaico announces warranty extension to 25 years

Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of solar modules, Winaico, has an “industry-leading” product warranty extension program, providing an additional 10 years of product warranty on the company’s solar products.

WINAICO’s existing warranty structure included a 15-year product warranty plus a 25-year linear power warranty, which the company stressed “makes sure WINAICO modules can maintain stable energy production for more than 25 years.”

The new product warranty extension program, which launched on Wednesday, is available to European, Asia Pacific, and US customers through an online registration process, allowing them to extend their warranty protection with 10 years of additional product warranty on four product lines:

  • WSP-MX, 330W and up
  • WSP-MX Full Black, 325W and up
  • WST-M6, 325W and up
  • WST-M6 Full Black, 325W and up

“We are proud of WINAICO’s quality record of solar panels installed by our customers in the field,” said Sascha Rossmann, WINAICO VP of Global Sales[1].

“Our industry-leading 25 year product warranty extension program rewards high quality solar installations with 10 additional years of product warranty, to reflect our commitment in differentiating WINAICO with exceptional product reliability.”

WINAICO describes the extension program as a means to “reward solar systems designed and installed by reputable solar installers” and “as a move to incentivise the solar industry toward better quality solar components and engineering.”

Included in the product lines eligible for warranty extension is the company’s leading WSP-MX Series which boasts a 340 watt module with more than 19.4% efficiency.

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