Standard Solar’s 3.2 MW brownfield solar project in Vermont complete

Maryland-based solar energy company, Standard Solar Inc., announced its completion of a 3.2 MW, 17-acre solar project in Wallingford, VT. The project will be owned and operated by Standard Solar and provide clean energy to Vermont’s utilities under the states Standard Offer Program.

The company partnered with developer MHG Solar on the project and Positive Energy NY LLC was the contractor.

This Standard Offer Program was enacted by the Vermont Legislature to promote development of in-state renewables. It ensures that the benefits of the energy flow to the economy as well as ratepaying citizens in the state.

Under the Standard Offer Law, the power is sold to all of Vermont’s electric distribution utilities. The completed 9,018 solar panel ground-mount array is projected to produce 3,291,000 kW-hours (kWh) of electricity in its first year.

The power purchase agreement (PPA) is with VEPP Inc, the facilitator for existing and new standard offer Projects. The corporation acquires power from Vermont’s renewable resources and distributes it to 17 Vermont utilities.

“Sited on a 49.6-acre parcel of land that once served as a gravel pit and hot-mix asphalt plant, this project exemplifies how old industrial land or ‘brownfields’ can be repurposed to bring clean energy onto the grid and create a win-win for all involved,” said Thomas Hand, MHG Solar.

“Solar projects like this one in Wallingford are critical for Vermont to reach its goal to receive 90% of its energy from renewable sources by 2050,” said Eric Partyka, Director of Business Development, Standard Solar. “The project, resulting from a great partnership between MHG Solar and Standard Solar, will reduce the need for fossil fuels and bring clean, quiet solar energy to the Vermont economy and its citizens.”


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