Rooftop solar rebate of up to 50 pct extended to small business in Victoria

Rooftop solar rebates offering to cover up to 50 per cent of the cost of a PV system will be made available to small businesses in Victoria, as part of the state government’s Solar Homes scheme.

Victorian energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio said that 15,000 business solar rebates would be opened for applications starting in May, offering a discount of up to $3,500 for systems sized up to 30kW for eligible businesses.

The offer is open to businesses operating from non-residential premises and with less than 20 staff. Initially, it will also be limited to businesses that own their own premises, but would expand “soon” to include businesses that rent their workplace.

The Solar for Business Program was launched alongside the Small Business Energy Saver Program, offering bonuses of up to $2,000 that can be used for upgrades to energy-efficient work equipment including air-conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps.

Both programs are part of a more than $46 million investment in the Labor Andrews government’s 2020-21 State Budget dedicated to cheaper clean energy and energy efficiency for small business.

“Solar is good for jobs, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for bringing down power bills,” said D’Ambrosio in a statement.

“These new programs will drive down energy costs and help boost Victoria’s economic recovery, delivering jobs and providing support across a range of industries.”

Victoria’s minister for small business, Jaala Pulford, said the new solar rebate would contribute to the state’s post-Covid recovery, while also making businesses more environmentally friendly.

“This is about helping drive down costs for our small businesses and supporting their ongoing recovery,” Pulford said.

The small business solar rebate, like the hugely popular residential solar rebate that has been offered to Victorian households, will be delivered by retailers and installers registered with the Solar Homes Program.

Interested businesses can register before May at[1]; or for the Small Business Energy Saver program at[2].


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