MDEA helps Jewish communities deploy solar, combat climate change

MD Energy Advisors (MDEA), a commercial, utility and financing energy solutions company, recently partnered with Luminace and The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore to support environmental and sustainability initiatives.

By working with Luminace, a leading fully integrated decarbonization-as-a-service provider in North America, MDEA identified an opportunity to maximize existing structures and solar energy to produce over 4 million kWh of clean power in the first year across two rooftop solar farms to benefit eight organizations connected to The Associated.

Rooftop Solar Arrays

This project is part of The Associated’s larger community sustainability initiative, which echos the organization’s goal to strengthen and nurture Jewish life by engaging and supporting community partners in Greater Baltimore, Israel and worldwide.

“The Associated system has long prided itself and been publicly recognized as a leader in environmental and sustainability efforts. The addition of green power from solar is not only advancing organizational value but will have a clear positive economic impact on our system as well,” said Marc B. Terrill, president of The Associated.

The Associated is a founding member of the Jewish Climate Leadership Coalition of Adamah[1], which is a network of Jewish community organizations that acknowledge the moral urgency and existential threat of climate change and are dedicated to taking action. As a founding member, The Associated has published its Climate Action Plan, outlining its strategic priorities, including a focus on solar power deployment. The organization aims to meet 100% of its utility needs with solar.

MDEA has already provided a series of energy solutions for multiple projects by The Associated over the past few years. “Their ability to be forward thinking and their commitment to environmental and sustainability initiatives deserved to be both recognized and applauded,” said Jason Schwartzberg, President and Co-Founder of MD Energy Advisors.

Participating in these solar projects has many benefits, including mitigating energy-related risk, receiving a fixed-rate term of 20 years, and avoiding the impact of price changes in volatile energy markets.

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