Ecoppia will provide robotic cleaning solutions on a 400MW hybrid solar site

Ecoppia, a robotic cleaning solutions provider for photovoltaic solar, announced another significant milestone with a first-ever hybrid solar project of 400MW with the India-based Azure Power.

This large-scale project, consisting of two types of installations—fixed tilt and Single Axis Trackers (SAT), along with challenging terrains and varied structures, is another exemplification of Ecoppia’s comprehensive capabilities to tailor a long-term and cost-effective solution for leading solar energy players.

Ecoppia and Its Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions
Photo: Ecoppia

The site’s robotics deployment, expected to start the first half of 2022, will feature Ecoppia’s full product suit—the E4, the T4, and Ecoppia’s latest addition—the H4.

Powered by the patented Helix Technology, the H4 is designed to cater to the growing needs of solar site developers. It combines Ecoppia’s renowned safety capabilities alongside effective, swift, and intelligent cleaning. Using safe microfibers and controlled airflow, the H4 channels dust and dirt particles downwards without accumulating them as the robot moves horizontally while cleaning vertically.

Azure Power is part of a long list of tier-1 solar energy players. The project is part of Ecoppia’s framework agreement with the company, emphasizing Ecoppia’s ability to supply the future needs of the client’s expanding operation, achieving faster ROI while safeguarding their assets.

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