Arc-shaped PV system for agrivoltaics from Germany

The arches have been designed to slide on the side rails so that the positions of the solar modules can be flexibly adjusted.


From pv magazine Germany[2]

German EPC contractor Goldbeck Solar[3] has developed an arc-shaped PV system for applications in agrivoltaic projects[4].

Called MarcS, the system was developed in partnership with German mounting structure provider PMT[5] and is said to enable more effective land use, increased profitability, and more efficient use of resources.

The arches have been designed to slide on the side rails so that the positions of the solar modules can be flexibly adjusted and the arable land underneath can either be exposed to, or protected from, the sun, depending on the farmer’s need. At the same time, the solar modules offer animals and plants protection from extreme weather conditions such as hail, drought, or excessive sunlight. Furthermore, temperature, humidity, and light can be controlled and the quality of breeding and harvest can be optimised.

The assembly of the solar arches can be automated or at least semi-automated. It consists of rows of solar modules that are arched at a height of 2.50 to 3.50 meters. The arrangement connects the modules with the substructure to form a fixed static part that can span up to nine meters, according to Goldbeck Solar.

The modules are aligned with an east-west orientation with different angles of inclination, which increases the yield. The company estimated the additional yield at up to 30% compared to conventional ground-mounted systems and up to 60% compared to other agrivoltaic systems. It added that this technology can enable more than 2 MW of photovoltaic output per hectare.

From 2022, Goldbeck Solar intends to offer the “MarcS” mounting system in the Netherlands. A 45 MW pilot PV project is also currently being planned.

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