Antaisolar establishes a global PV mounting R&D center in Europe

Antaisolar, a leading Chinese supplier of PV mounting systems, established a global R&D center in Spain this August. This investment is a new milestone for the company’s technical R&D and business development and symbolizes a new chapter of Antaisolar’s global layout.

Antaisolar PV Mounting Systems
Photo: Antaisolar

This R&D center is the first overseas global R&D center of Antaisolar[1], backed by the European sales center and global support center. It is also the fourth global R&D center of Antaisolar after Shanghai, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou.

The initial team comprises several senior R&D personnel, with experienced experts who have managed well-known solar companies, reflecting the importance Antaisolar attaches to the European and international markets.

Currently, this Spain-based R&D center takes a strategic part in developing Antaisolar’s technology innovation, with research on the core algorithm of PV tracking systems, wind tunnel tests, etc. It is responsible for the R&D upgrade and technical management of multi-scene products, including PV tracking systems and mounting systems, aiming to meet market demand and explore new technology routes.

The company will leverage Europe’s robust research atmosphere and talent resources to optimize products, technologies, and services. In the future, Antaisolar will still insist on a future-oriented strategy and global vision to help accelerate the global zero-carbon future and spur renewable energy transition.

By 2021, Antaisolar’s cumulative solar racking shipments had reached 19.3GW. It has taken the most share of Japan’s solar racking market, ranked number one in export volume to Japan for eight consecutive years, and ranked number one in Australia’s and Chile’s distributed generation markets.


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