200 MW Solar Power Project Completed In Wisconsin, Energy Storage To Follow

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The Grant County Solar Project, with its 200 MW capacity, has been completed in Potosi, Wisconsin, by Alliant Energy. The new solar power plant has over 430,000 solar panels on more than 1,400 acres of land. Almost 350 acres of native pollinator habitat is included in the total land area for the project. Wisconsin has over 2,000 MW of solar power capacity, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.[3][4]

Alliant Energy is also installing 100 MW/400 MWh of energy storage to go with the new, large solar power plant. [5]

Tony Palese, Alliant Energy spokesperson, answered some questions about the new solar power plant and upcoming energy storage project. David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin energy company, also answered a question. 

How long did it take to install the 200-megawatt (MW) solar array in Potosi, Wisconsin, and make it operational?

Construction began in September 2022 and completed in May 2024.

How many employees are needed to run and maintain it?

We employ several full-time employees to help operate and maintain our utility-scale solar sites.

What was the approximate project cost?

The Grant County Solar Project had an estimated budget of $250 million.

What are the key economic benefits it will provide?

Construction of the project employed more than 700 workers. This influx of jobs helped maximize the local economic benefit of the project. Additionally, leased land payments will provide income for local landowners and farmers over the project’s 30-year lifespan. We expect the site will generate an estimated $30 million in new shared revenue for the county and town over the life of the project.

What is the nearly 350 acres of native pollinator habitat? Is it a collection of particular plants utilized by pollinators?

At all our utility-scale solar sites, we plant native grass and seed mixes throughout the project area to support wildlife habitat and a healthy environment. The site-specific, DNR-approved mix of grass and seed varieties are tailored to individual site conditions to help build soil nutrients and attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths and other beneficial wildlife populations. Pollinator-friendly vegetation is proven to prevent soil erosion, improve water quality, add benefit to high value crops and decrease operating and maintenance costs. These benefits help create a more sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly energy future.

Is the capacity of the energy storage installation that will be located there 100 MW/400 MWh?

Yes, that’s correct.

How many homes will the energy storage facility be able to provide power for and for how long?

The Grant County Battery Project will be able to store enough energy to power over 100,000 Wisconsin homes for four hours.

What are some key benefits that will be provided by the energy storage facility?

“Just like the batteries you’d find in a cell phone, laptop or car, the storage systems we’re developing can deliver energy to power our lives when we need it. As we transition to cleaner, more cost-effective renewable energy, the added capacity and unique capabilities of these energy storage solutions will strengthen our generation portfolio, improve reliability and help meet customer needs. It’s just one more way we’re delivering on our purpose-driven strategy.”  – David de Leon, president of Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin energy company.

When will the energy storage part be completed?

Construction on the Grant County Battery Project is underway and we anticipate the project being completed by Fall 2025.

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