Wood Mackenzie:  What The Battery Supply Chain Tells Us About The Future of Energy Storage & EVs

by Nicholas Rinaldi
June 07, 2020

On June 3, 2020, Wood Mackenzie[1] hosted a webinar looking at the coronavirus impact on battery raw materials, energy storage and electric vehicles. Wood Mackenzie’s team of analysts examine the supply chain impacts and discuss the effect, if any, on deployment. The format includes a panel conversation followed up by an in-depth Q&A.

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  • Mitalee Gupta, Senior Analyst, Energy Storage
  • Milan Thakore, Senior Research Analyst – Battery Raw Materials
  • Ram Chandrasekaran, Transportation & Mobility Principal Analyst

This webinar is part of Wood Mackenzie’s new series[2], Connecting Conversations. The series will bring together panels of experts to discuss energy’s most pressing questions twice monthly.


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