Two firms to build a highly secure virtual power plant platform

Distributed computing solutions provider Intertrust[1] and distributed energy resource management company EIPGRID[2] announced a partnership to deliver a highly secure and efficient digital energy platform. The platform aims to provide trusted distributed energy resource management (DERM) and virtual power plant (VPP) capabilities to energy companies and end users worldwide.

Distributed energy resources, including battery energy storage systems (BESS) and solar projects of different scales, play an indispensable role in energy transition and enhancing energy resilience. However, many DERM and VPP platforms that are established to manage and optimize energy supply and demand today lack sufficient security capabilities. 

Solar Panel Array

“Without robust security and authentication, VPPs are ripe for malicious attacks and data breaches,” said Tony Lee, CEO of EIPGRID.

“VPPs are only effective if they’re able to work securely with the largest number of distributed energy generation sources and endpoint IoT devices,” said Talal G. Shamoon, CEO of Intertrust.

Through highly secure authentication and data management capabilities, Intertrust’s Intertrust Platform[3] can enable DERM/VPP platforms to securely support devices and integrate data from multiple vendors and sources while complying with global regulatory requirements.

The Intertrust Platform authenticates and secures devices and data sets using hyper-scale IoT authentication technology, XPN technology for end-to-end communications, continuous data protection and advanced data governance. When coupled with EIPGRID’s AI-powered distributed energy management platform, the two companies will build a world-leading, robust, secure VPP/DERM system for the modern energy industry.

“With Intertrust Platform, we can seamlessly support a large number of secure, distributed, endpoint devices and data sets in their implementations. The result is best-in-class trust, security, and energy efficiency for our customers,” added Lee.

A distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) is generally owned and operated by a utility that enables the monitoring, management, coordination and optimization of various distributed energy resources. A VPP is a cloud-based, commercial platform with similar functionalities as a DERMS; however, the resources it manages can be operated by a utility, a vendor, a customer, or a 3rd-party aggregator. In reality, the difference between them is somewhat vague.


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