Trina Solar launches TrinaPro Mega, all-in-one ultra-high-power PV solution

As the solar industry moves to embrace ultra-high-efficiency modules, the Chinese PV heavyweight has unveiled TrinaPro Mega, the first integrated solar system in the world that incorporates 500W+ modules. The solution is expected to be particularly attractive for Australia’s utility-scale PV sector.

Following the debut of the Vertex bifacial 500W-plus modules[2] in February, Chinese module maker Trina Solar has announced the global launch of TrinaPro Mega, an optimized solution for the application of the ultra-high power modules in downstream systems. The ‘all in one’ solution is said to address several application challenges encountered in the utility-scale solar deployment.

The world-first integrated solution to incorporate 500W+ modules, TrinaPro Mega is based on the TrinaPro solution launched in 2018[3], an integrated solution combining high output modules with smart PV controllers and trackers, smart inverters and digital cloud-based operations and maintenance software. For the sake of comparison, the upgraded version provides an 8-15% lower BOS cost and 3-8% increase in power generation compared to the very first version of TrinaPro.

New features

In addition to the higher power modules, TrinaPro Mega has more modules per tracker (up to 120 per tracker as compared to around 90 previously), more powerful string inverters (196kW multi MPPT string inverters with an increased IMPP rating of 30A, improved from the 26A earlier version), a mounting system that it is quicker to install, and a ‘smart tracking’ system that makes use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to maximize light capture. The system utilizes TrinaPro’s proprietary SCADA, a real-time performance monitoring system that helps to optimize operation and maintenance.

With the PV module sector gradually entering the 5.0 era, Trina Solar announced its first shipment[4] of Vertex solar modules in March. In April, Chinese competitor Risen Energy shipped its first batch of 500W modules to Malaysia. Last month, another Chinese module giant JA Solar joined the 500W-plus PV race by claiming its product has achieved an industry record output of 525 W[5] under standard test conditions.

“The PV industry has embraced the 500W-plus power since the beginning of the year,” said Yin Rongfang, vice general manager and vice president of Trina Solar. “Vertex facilitates the commercialization of new technologies and paves the way for the next module power upgrade to 600W.”

“Based on the Vertex module, we launched TrinaPro Mega in a move to increase value for our clients via smart upgrades to more advanced system solutions. By enhancing ultra-high power module performance and lowering the LCOE, TrinaPro Mega brings stable investment returns,” he added.

TrinaPro Mega in Australia

Available in various mounting configurations, TrinaPro Mega can be customized to cope with challenging site characteristics such as complicated geography, uneven terrain and wind speeds. This is expected to make the solution particularly attractive to solar farm developers in Australia.

“We anticipate that Australia will be TrinaPro Mega’s biggest market in Asia Pacific outside of China,” a Trina Solar spokesperson told pv magazine Australia. “This is because, even as sites in this market become increasingly challenging, Australian customers still expect lower BOS and installation costs and lower LCOE. Australia’s relatively high labour costs also means the new mounting system – that is quicker to install – will be very appealing.”

Another benefit of TrinaPro, which is likely to be appealing to Australian customers, is the fact TrinaPro is an ‘all in one’ solution that eliminates some logistical challenges for EPCs in Australia. “Australia is far away from everywhere else in the world and solar farm developments in Australia are moving further and further away from the metropolitan cities,” the spokesperson said. “Having a ‘single window delivery’ system where all the components come from one source, overcomes the logistical challenge, as the customer no longer needs to coordinate with so many different suppliers.”

In addition, the customer can also be confident that all the components and parts to the TrinaPro Mega solar system work together seamlessly and are covered by warranties from Trina Solar as the single point of accountability. TrinaPro Mega will start selling in Australia in this year’s third quarter.


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