Soluna batteries gain CEC approval for installation in Australian homes

Image: Soluna Australia

The newly launched home battery systems of Soluna Australia have been added to the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved lithium-based storage devices, a key industry standard for new energy storage products in Australia.

Soluna Australia – a 50/50 joint venture[1] between ASX-listed lithium recycling, extraction and processing outfit Lithium Australia and DLG Group, one of China’s 10-largest producers of lithium-ion cells – unveiled plans[2] to sell its battery systems in Australia in December last year.

The companies said this week that those batteries had been approved for use by the CEC, after being independently tested to confirm that they meet the necessary electrical safety and quality standards under its Battery Assurance Program.

As noted in the release, the accreditation is required for battery products to be eligible to receive small-scale technology certificates (STCs) under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) and for other government incentive programs, such as Victoria’s home battery rebate.

With CEC approval in place, Soluna says its Power Bank systems – which include lithium-ion battery storage, a hybrid inverter and an advanced battery management system – will be available for order country-wide “soon,” with additional stock expected for delivery in early July.

“Gaining CEC approval for all the products it markets is a great achievement for Soluna and opens the door for sales of its high-quality, flexible product range to those wishing to save on their energy bills,” said Lithium Australia managing director Adrian Griffin.

“Lithium Australia’s investment in Soluna complements its other business units; together, these comprise a practical circular economy for battery products, ranging from a reduction of waste in the mining phase through more efficient battery production to battery sales via Soluna and, ultimately, the recycling of spent batteries through Envirostream Australia,” Griffin said.

“Soluna, then, is an integral part of the circular economy, for which Lithium Australia is providing ethical and sustainable solutions.”

A look at the CEC list[3] (PDF) shows three Soluna Power Bank products were added in the first week of June: the Soluna S12 EU-A50 (9.2kWh), the Soluna S4 EU-A36 3.6 (3kWh), and the Soluna S8 EU-A50 (6kWh).

According to the list, the batteries are rated to operate at a maximum temperature of 40°C and all three of the products are rated “No” for outdoor usage.


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