Major renewables appliance acquisition announced just in time for World Refrigeration Day

Renewables company Dulas has announced a significant acquisition after shareholders recently voted to purchase 100% of Polestar Cooling, a specialist manufacturing plant based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

The Welsh Cooperative, based in Machynlleth, has a long history in the cold chain industry, having supplied solar powered vaccine and blood refrigerators to developing nations all over the globe since 1985. As one of the first companies in the world to pilot such innovative use of green technologies, Dulas has supported global vaccination programs and responses to humanitarian aid efforts.

Polestar Cooling was founded in 2003 and has established itself as a leader in industrial, laboratorial and medical refrigeration. As one of the few British refrigerator manufacturers, Polestar’s factory creates products that meet the highest of standards, and their units are currently in use in thousands of locations around the world.

Dulas has worked closely with Polestar for nearly twenty years to deliver refrigeration to primary healthcare facilities across the developing nations. In 2016, Dulas bought a 50% stake in the plant to strengthen the relationship between the two companies and to continually improve their portfolio of products. The latest announcement is timely, given that June 26th is World Refrigeration Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the significant role that refrigeration plays in modern life and society.

Dulas and Polestar’s existing partnership has been a great success, and their recent technological advances include Dulas’ range of solar direct drive (SDD) refrigerators. These ground-breaking appliances operate without batteries, enabling remote communities to avoid the logistical difficulty of replacing them, and ultimately saving more lives.

This acquisition will not only benefit the international community who depend on Dulas and Polestar products, but will also contribute a significant sum to the local Welsh and English economy.

Dulas’ Managing Director, Ruth Chapman, states that, “Dulas has worked closely with Polestar since our inception. Our refrigerators have been deployed to over 80 countries and we’ve supported countless public health initiatives. Technology like ours could become a component in the fight against COVID-19 should a liquid vaccine be needed. By acquiring Polestar, we can focus on scaling up our production alongside developing new and valuable refrigeration technologies.”

Ruth also added that, “We value tremendously our relationship with the staff at the plant and all the people of Bognor Regis, whose skills have contributed an enormous amount to our progress as a company. We look forward to the future of Dulas’ innovation, knowing that this acquisition will put us on the strongest of footings to continue leading the refrigeration sector. This is an exciting milestone for the company, and excellent news for shareholders, clients and for the wider industry.”

World Refrigeration Day is today, Friday 26th June.


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