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July 15th, 2020 by Saurabh[1] 

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India x CleanTech

Cleantech Investments

India Offers US$100 Million To Sri Lanka For Rooftop Solar Power Projects

The Indian Export-Import Bank has offered[3] a US$100 million loan to Sri Lanka to help the island country set up rooftop solar projects. These projects will be set up at government buildings and low-income households. Sri Lanka has set a target to increase the share of renewable energy in the country’s power generation to 10% by 2016, and managed to achieve this target in 2015. The country now plans to increase its renewable energy share to 20% by end of this year. 

US DFC Provides US$219 Million Loan For Indian Solar Projects

The US government’s agency Development Finance Corporation has approved[4] loans worth US$219 million to renewable energy developers in India. The loans will be used for setting up three solar power projects in the western states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The capacity of these projects range from 50 megawatts to 100 megawatts.

India Sets Up Project Development Cell To Attract Renewable Energy Investments

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set up[5] a dedicated cell to attracted fresh investments in the renewable energy sector. According to media reports, this cell will help potential investors access projects ready with land approvals and detailed project reports. The Ministry is also planning to develop a dedicated portal for potential developers to register their interest.

Electric Transport

Jaguar Upgrades Electric SUV Destined For Indian Market

Jaguar, a subsidiary of India’s Tata Motors, has announced[6] upgraded specifications for its i-Pace electric SUV. The car will be fitted with a new charging system which will increase the range by 53 kilometers per hour. The car will also have an air purifier, a dual-sim modem with 4G connectivity, and wireless charging. The company is expected to launch the car later this year.

Tata Power To Set Up Fast Charging Stations For MG Motors

MG Motors and Tata Power entered[7] an agreement to develop a network of fast-charging stations for electric cars. As part of the agreement, Tata Power will set up 50 kilowatt DC fast charging stations at various dealerships of MG Motors. The car manufacturer currently offers ZS, a mid-size SUV which, interestingly, competes with the Tata Nexon EV, manufactured by Tata Power’s sister company Tata Motors.

Indian Oil Corporation Launches Battery Swapping Service

One of India’s top petroleum product retailers, Indian Oil Corporation, launched[8] a battery swap scheme for electric vehicles. The company currently offers the facility at just one of its retail outlets but plans to increase it to 20 outlets. The company will initially target commercial electric vehicles such as autorickshaws.

Indian Government Agency To Set Up 2000 EV Charging Stations

The government-owned Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has announced[9] plans to set up 2000 EV charging stations by March 2021. The agency has already installed 300 charging stations. EESL’s managing director stated that supply side constraints have been addressed and the agency will be able to install the charging stations. Over the next two to three years, EESL plans to have 10,000 charging stations across the country.

Renewable Energy & Batteries

India Likely To Levy New Import Duty On Chinese Solar Equipment

India is expected[10] to levy new import duties on Chinese imports of solar cells, modules and inverters. Reports of a possible import duty come at a time when relations between the two countries are at a low point due to border disputes. India could implement a 20% basic customs duty on Chinese solar imports from August. Chinese imports currently attract a 15% safeguard duty which is set to expire at the end of this month. The Indian solar power sector is heavily dependent on imported equipment and Chinese suppliers account for a very large share of the imports.

India’s Adani Green Energy Awarded 8 Gigawatts In World’s Largest Solar Power Tender

One of India’s leading renewable energy companies, Adani Green Energy, was recently awarded[11] the largest solar power generation capacity through auction. The company was awarded the rights to develop 8 gigawatts of solar power capacity and 2 gigawatts of solar cell and module manufacturing capacity. Development of these assets will require an investment of an estimated US$6 billion. The tender was issued by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). Another company, Azure Power, was also awarded 4 gigawatts of solar power generation capacity and 1 gigawatt of solar cell and module manufacturing capacity.

India’s NTPC To Assist Mali With 500 Megawatt Solar Power Project

India’s largest power generation company, NTPC Limited, has been awarded[12] a project management consulting contract for the implementation of a 500 megawatt solar power project in the African country of Mali. According to media reports, 450 megawatts of capacity at the power plant will be connected to the Mali power grid. This development comes from the background of India proposing to spearhead an intercontinental solar power grid spanning parts of Asia, Africa, and beyond. Over the last years, India has taken several measures as part of its solar diplomacy. The International Solar Alliance is a prime example of this geopolitical and strategic tactic which is seen by many as an answer to China’s One Belt One Road initiative.

Indian Railways To Set Up 3 Gigawatts of Solar Power Capacity

The Railways Energy Management Company Limited will set up[13] 3 gigawatts of solar power capacity for Indian Railways. According to media reports, the company will issue three tenders of one gigawatt each in the near future. The entire capacity is expected to be commissioned by March 2023. Electricity generated from these projects will be used to the power traction requirements of Indian Railways.

Tata Power Renewables Wins Contract For 220 megawatts of Solar Power

One of India’s leading renewable energy companies, Tata Power Renewables, announced[14] that it received contracts to set up two large-scale solar power projects across two states in India. The company will set up a 120 megawatt solar PV project in Gujarat and a 100 megawatt solar PV project in Maharashtra.

Indian State Of Andhra Pradesh Plans 10 Gigawatts of Solar Power For Farmers

The government of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has announced[15] a new policy to set up 10 gigawatts of solar power capacity. The scheme is aimed at supplying nine hours of power to farmers. The state, like many others in India, incurs high financial costs subsidizing power supply to farmers. According to media reports, Andhra Pradesh spends around US$1.3 billion every year to subsidize the electricity supply to farmers.

India’s Renewable Energy Capacity Addition Outlook Revised Downward

A leading renewable energy consulting firm in India has revised[16] the country’s renewable energy capacity addition downward over the next few years. The firm had initially estimated that India would add 43 gigawatts of solar power and 15 gigawatts of wind power between 2020 and 2024. These estimates have been revised to 35 gigawatts for solar power and 12 gigawatts for wind power. Weakened economic outlook and slowdown in electricity demand are the major factors behind this downward revision.

Avaada Energy Wins Contract For 350 Megawatt Solar Power Project

A large renewable energy has been awarded a contract[17] to set up 350 megawatts of solar power capacity in the state of Maharashtra. Avaada Energy secured the rights to develop this project following a competitive auction. The project is expected to be commissioned by January 2022 and generate 525 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year.



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