Ikea invests more in solar by the day

In 2019, IKEA invested $2.8 billion in green energy, which contributed to the 1 million solar panels it was able to install on 370 store and warehouse locations worldwide, as well as to the power contracts the company was able to negotiate for shares of two American solar plants, which total 403 MW in capacity.

Now, in 2020, Ikea is furthering its commitment to renewable energy, announcing plans to install solar on every available square inch of one of the company’s 10 superstores in Australia. This project will include the installation of solar carports, as well as a co-located battery storage system. The installation will allow the location to be entirely self-sufficient, from an energy perspective, with excess generation being fed back to the grid.

These investments are being made in order to achieve two company goals over the next decade. By 2025 the home decor giant is looking to achieve zero-emission home deliveries, with a later goal of using only renewable and recyclable materials, while also becoming ‘climate positive’ coming down the line in 2030. By Ikea’s definition, ‘climate positive’ means not only the elimination of carbon emissions, but also generating more renewable electricity than the company uses annually. The goal is one the company could very well hit before that 2030 deadline, as by the end of this year, the company will be generating as much renewable energy as it consumes.

Ikea has also made significant headway in the United States, having solar installed on 90% of company locations in the country, in addition to the aforementioned 400 MW of power contracts.

Solar retailer

More thank just getting solar for its own purposes, Ikea has also entered the business of selling solar. Back in Australia, the company has begun selling solar panels from its online store, expanding on their service that was previously only available in Europe.

The company is doing so thanks to a partnership with Solargain, a leading solar provider in the Australian market. In true Ikea fashion, the home solar offering has been dubbed Solstråle, which is Swedish for Sunbeam.

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