Caltex/Ampol (Ampol) and Evie Networks have initiated their partnership with the roll out of EV charging at the first of six Ampol sites in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) over the next year.

Caltex and Ampol merged in 1995 and has been operating as as Caltex since, however the company has announced that it will be reverting back to Ampol (Australian Motorists Petrol Company) by the end of 2020.

The six Ampol sites will become part of Evie’s ultra-fast charging network stretching from Cairns to Adelaide. “Alan Stuart-Grant, Ampol’s Executive General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development, said the pilot would provide an opportunity to test how EV charging can be integrated into a traditional service station forecourt.

The first of the six sites went live with two 350kW Tritium chargers at Avenel, VIC, over the weekend, a strategically important station between Melbourne and Wodonga on the VIC-NSW border.

It is of course integral to EV charger distribution that existing fuelling stations play ball, after all, they have already position themselves throughout the nation’s highways. Stuart-Grant understands that Ampol can thus play a key role in EV charging.

“Partnerships with trusted brands, like Ampol, help us deliver our mission to accelerate EV adoption in Australia, said Evie Networks Chief Executive Officer, Chris Mills.

The 350kW chargers deliver a full charge in approximately 15 minutes with electricity that is 100% accredited GreenPower procured from renewable generators.

“Using Evie Networks’ cutting edge technology helps our host partners showcase their sustainability credentials as well as returning solid commercial benefits from increased food traffic and convenience sales while EV customers are on site,” continued Mills.

Evie Networks’ ultra-fast charging network is set to be the largest in Australia.