AiON-ESS Energy Series gained first commercial deployment

LS Energy Solutions (LS-ES)[1], a leading grid-connected energy storage solutions provider, announced its partnership with Strata Clean Energy (Strata) for the first commercial deployment of its AiON-ESS Energy Series all-in-one energy storage system in Vermont for Green Mountain Power (GMP). The deployment in Vermont is one of the first projects to benefit from the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for standalone energy storage following the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansion[2] of ITC eligibility.

AiON-ESS Energy Series Unit
Image: LS Energy Solutions

Strata is a nationwide utility-scale clean energy projects provider, while GMP is Vermont’s leading progressive clean-energy solutions provider.

The project includes twelve AiON-ESS Energy Series enclosures divided between two 4.99 MW / 10 MWh sub-projects. Each AiON-ESS unit is UL 9540-certified and rated at 0.83 MW / 2.2 MWh (nominal AC). Through the peak shaving capabilities of these units, GMP customers can avoid pulling power from the grid at peak demand and use clean energy stored instead.

Before the current project in Vermont, the system’s companion unit, the AiON-ESS Power Series, is currently installed in New Jersey and Maryland. Whereas the AiON-ESS Power Series is designed for 1-hour storage duration in a 1 MW / 1 MWh block, the Energy Series offers an upgraded capacity of 2 to 6-hour duration in units that scale up to 3 MWh. Like other series in the AiON-ESS family, the Energy Series can combine batteries from tier-1 suppliers, LS-ES’s modular string inverters and required cooling in a single containerized unit.

“Having an energy storage system that includes all components packaged into one containerized system benefits developers and utilities seeking a straightforward way to deploy energy storage. With the units supplied by LS Energy Solutions, we’re able to help Green Mountain Power meet its clean energy goals and build a smarter grid,” said Joshua Rogol, President of Strata Clean Energy.

The project will also provide Strata the means to participate in the ISO New England wholesale power market.

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